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The Heavster

In November of 2011 we lost one of Hip Hop's best artists. Universally beloved Heavy D was one of those artists every Hip Hop fan enjoyed. From hard hitting Hip…

Mix Mondays – Needle To The Groove (1999)

Released only in Japan ('98), Needle To The Groove is a crazy mix of funk & neo-soul that instantly became one of Spinbad's most acclaimed and sought after works. Truly…

Afternoon Delight Volume 8

This volume of my Afternoon Delight series contains more tunes on mid tempo side than previous volumes. However just as with the rest of the series expect top notch tunes…

Afternoon Delight Volume 7

Here we go again, another Afternoon Delightmix containing a collection of fantastic tunes from various genres. Be on the lookout for Volume 8 next month. Jaheim - Put That Woman…

Edited For Your Pleasure 10

I finished this mix about a month or so ago and finally releasing it today. Although I could continue on with theme I think this will the last volume in…

Afternoon Delight Volume 6

I've been meaning to release this mix months ago but due to the so called “pandemic” My plans were halted. Anyhow here's another volume of my Afternoon Delight series. Atmosphere…

Recycle Remix #1

Being a Hip Hop deejay for over 30 years I heard many a great tracks with fabulous samples and I always had a desire to use the same samples in…

Afternoon Delight Volume 5

Within all my series of mixes Afternoon Delight is the one tend to listen most often over the years. Maybe because it was the one that I completed so quickly…
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