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Remix Thursdays

Along with Mix Mondays (every 2nd Monday of the month) I will posting a remix every 3rd Thursday of the month. some the remixes will be my productions and many…

Ice T – Dog N The Wax (Hamza 21 Recycle)

Containing a sample from Lalo Schifrin's Danube Incident that was used in Portishead's Sour Times adds a nice melancholy contrast to Ice-T's classic track I think all will enjoy. Listen…

Recycle Remix #1

Being a Hip Hop deejay for over 30 years I heard many a great tracks with fabulous samples and I always had a desire to use the same samples in…

Edited For Your Pleasure 8

The eighth volume of my Edited For Your Pleasure series contains eleven official remixes along with nine other bootleg remixes I collected over the years. Enjoy   Real Live -…
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