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The Hard Truth Soldier

In honor of Black History Month in the US I dropping a tribute one of Hip Hop’s pro-black and conscious emcee.

Oscars Jackson Jr. aka Paris is a bay area rapper/producer who over his career has always released hard hitting, unflinching, political conscious funky music. Although he has released over eight albums “The Black Panther” Hip Hop has never gotten the praise and credit he deserves.

His first two albums , The Devil Made Me Do It (1990) and Sleeping With The Enemy (1992) are Hip Hop classics that sadly gets left out of many greatest hip albums list. Also this Bay Area legend’s music never seems make any “old school” or “classic” Hip Hop mixes by deejays who should know better.

For all those not in know hopefully this mix will expose you to the greatness of the Hard Truth Soldier Paris

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