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Mix Mondays – Enter The Midnight Chamber

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Back in 2018 Canada’s DJ Filthy Rich released a blend mix featuring Wu Tang Clan acapellas over A Tribe Called Quest tracks, A Clan Called Wu. Now he continues the concept with A Tribe Called Quest acapellas over classic Wu Tang Clan tracks.

A Clan Called Wu was dope but this mix Enter The Midnigh Chmabers is the perfect pairing of two legendery groups. If you ain’t feeling this mix you do not like Hip Hop.

Tribe’s bouncy vocals over RZA’s grimy production. No matter how you combine them, the marriage of the 2 forms like Voltron. All the parts came together to make something new. Different, yet the same. Yin & yang.
DJ Filthy Rich

Da Mystery Of Steve Biko
Protected Sex
Shame On A Sucka
ATCQ Ain’t Nuttin Ta Fuck Wit
Tribe In Da Front
God = 7
We Can Get C.R.E.A.M.
Electric Ice Cream
8 Million Tearz
Ruckus At Midnight Pt.2
It Was So Simple Back In The Day