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The Listening – Da Bush Babees

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Da Bush Babees, along with Styles Of Beyond, is a group that consistently released fantastic music. As affiliated members of the legendary Natives Tongues they only released 2 albums and had all makings of a legendary group. Yet for a myriad reasons they never had the success as other members of the Native Tongues Collective.

Although they achieved moderate success with classics like Remember We and The Love Song even for hardcore heads you’ll be hard pressed to find anyone who can actually name members of the group. Lee Majors, Mister Man (Mr Khaliyl) ,Y-Tee (Light)

Anyhow in the year of Hip Hop’s 50th year anniversary I present to you one of the greatest groups of Hip Hop from the 90’s

Clear My Throat (Ya Mammy)
The Ruler
Love Song feat Mos Def
God Complex
Melting Plastic
Put It Down – Soundclash
Just Can’t Stand It
Get On Down
Pon De Attack

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