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The Nod Factor 13

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Now here’s volume 13 of my The Nod Factor series containing a new song from Funkdooiest’s Son Doobie and a newly released track from Phife Dawg!

Apathy – What It’s All About (DJ Hazey82 Blend)
Sevin Soprano & Son Doobie – Blvd. Anthem
Amerigo Gazaway – Yasiin Gaye – Travellin’ Man Pt. II (Distant Lovers Mix)
Redman – Syrinx
CRU feat. Ras Kass – The Ebonic Plague
Phife Dawg feat. Busta Rhymes & Redman – Nutshell Pt. 2
Pharmacy – Somthinlight
A.D.O.R. – The Rush
Dice Raw feat. Patty Crash – The Day Demo
Chali 2na & Krafty Kuts – Black Vapor
The Roots feat. Tracey Moore – Quills
Cale Sampson – ‘Til I Met You

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