Mix Mondays – Fresh For 86

I posted this mix on my old site back in 2016.

Being 2023 is the 50th anniversary of Hip Hop this mix containing tracks from mid 80’s takes us back to time when Hip Hop stop being an East Coast thing to moving to a worldwide culture.

“The new K-Delight album is a tribute to the legendary UK FRESH 86 concert and icons of that time Morgan Khan, Chep Nunez, Mantronik and the incredible Mike Allen. Its an epic mix tape in the traditional sense as it has been recorded with OLD SCHOOL definatly being the theme. Recorded using an old Yamaha multi track tape machine (finding somewhere selling high quality tapes is a story in itself) then mixed down into Cubase where the edits where applied like a wannabe Chep Nunez. All original vinyl used too, with crackles and all. The album contains original audio from the UK Fresh concert tapes, there’s snippets of the legend that is Mike Allen, words of wisdom from Arthur Baker and more cutting and scratching than a possessed Edward Scissor hands! Even the art work has been specially produced by North East graffiti pioneer Nikos His style fitted the brief perfectly to give the listener not only an audio but a visual trip back in time to the eighties”


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