News 2023

The Return?

Well it’s a new year and I’m back, sort of.

Next month in February I will return to regular posting. That means a return of Mix Mondays and Remix Thursdays.

Domeshots and Fat Laces

As I mentioned before my old site’s url is now directed towards this site. You can still visit the old site at I also included a link in my sidebar, just click on the DSFL logo.

The Injury

As far as my back injury, I seem to be improving slowly and slowly. Lifting heavy objects and bending over are my main issues yet I’m dealing with that. From being not able to walk nor stand to be able to move and work again is a blessing. Although I’m always in some sort of pain or have some sort of ache , it’s rare I’m in so much pain I need to take some pain medication.

It’s been over five months and I’m still not 100% yet I will get there eventually

The Future

Being 2023 is the 50 year anniversary of Hip Hop I plan on something special in August.

In the next few months expect some more volumes of my The Nod Factor series and more volumes of The Listening series along with more reworks from me.


I plan to release many reworks and re-edits this year yet I couldn’t decide to have a bandcamp or just post the music elsewhere.

I would go with bandcamp but I feel sooner or later bandcamp will crackdown on unauathorized remixes and such on their site so I decided to have dedicated hearthis page instead. I will have it up and running sometime next month.

Well that is it for now. I hope you all will continue listening as I will keep posting great music and mixes.

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