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Still Healing

I’m still healing from my back injury so I’m not returning to posting as much as before but I will be posting a new mix within the next two weeks and another in December.


In another news due the changes at Mixcloud most of my previous mixes will longer be on Mixcloud as of December 1st. I’m unsure, at this point, whether I will reupload all the mixes at Hearthis or not.

All download links, of course, are still active but having them available for streaming is something I do not have the time for at the moment but may change in the future

Old Site

It’s been 4 years since I left my old site and started this one. I only left the site up for history’s sake but now coming on or around January 1st,2023 the domain name will be directed towards this site . However in 2023 you can see all the old posts on the site can still be viewed at