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Mix Mondays – On The Pace

Bobby Corridor is known for dropping little known joints form the past and this mix contains slews of many tracks you never heard or forgot about.

I love the fact the although Bobby is fomr the UK he laced the mix with a track from a local artists from my area. The Soundmaster Byron Davis (San Bernardino) and Special KMC (Riverside).

I still remeber hearing Special K along with another local MC GQ Joe battling on our local college radio, KUCR on friday Nights back in 80’s.

Michie Mee & LA Luv- We’re Goin’ Nova
MC Groove- The Groove
Byron Davis & The Fresh Crew- Now Dance
London Rhyme Syndicate- Armed & Extremely Dangerous
MC Groove- Groove To Get Down
Laquan- Swing Blue, Sweat Black (remix)
MC Legit- Smooth & Legit
Silk Tymes Leather- I Like It Funky
MC Rajah- Lyrics With A Vengance
The Chosen Ones- Enter The Lord
Prime Minister Pete Nice & Daddy Rich- Dust To Dust
Phil Most Chill- Release Yourself (Alternative mix)
Ultimate Force- Tuf (So Damn)
Priority One- It’s Groovy
Tuff Crew- What You Don’t Know
ANM- Scientist
Jamose- Dance To The Megablast
Cookie Crew- Born This Way
Ronin- Pure Power
Extra Curricular- Shotgun
De La Soul- Jenifa
ESP- Clap YOur Hands
IBM Nation- Rockin’ Music
MED Productions- Get Loose
Quonx- Let’s Dance
Rodney O & Joe Cooley- Supercuts (Yeah Boy)
Silver Bullet- Bring Forth The Guillotine
Renegade Soundwave- Biting My Nails (inst)
Rob R Rock- Cash Money (In Effect)