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The Nod Factor 10

Here it it volume 10 of my The Nod Factor series. Is this end of series? By no means I intend to ultimately release 20 volumes in series. However I’m not sure when volume 11 will be released other than later this year. Until then enjoy.

Blahzay Blahzay – Sendin em Back
Grayskul – Virginia NM
Black Thought & Salaam Remi – Get Outlined
Mystic – The Gottas
Miilkbone – Haters Virus
Writers Block – Tree Of Life
Linkin Park feat.Chali 2na – Frgt
Sick Symphonies – Ghetto Sport
Brother Ali – Babygirl
2Mex – Treesun (Leave Her to Fall)
Mikial – Just Like That
Rakim feat. Truth Hurts – After You Die