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The Mixtape Unites Volume 12

Around seven years ago many mixtape bloggers came together to post mixes on one site called The Mixtape Unites. Over time due to various reasons the site ended. Anyhow the…

The Mixtape Unites Volume 2

I'm reposting this mix from 2014 as I didn't finish a new mix for this month. Here's what I wrote on my old site With this mix made exclusively for…

Biz Markie – Studda Step (Ill Jay Remix)

Although the original can't be matched Ill Jay takes Biz Markie's classic tune and adds some mellow jazz flavour. Enjoy "Lordy-lordy-lordy, thank you for the gift That's guaranteed to rock…

Mix Mondays – Mixtape Volume 18

In this mix from 2003 by Sweden's DJ Digga he drops a slew of the finest Hip Hop you ever heard. From Common to The D.O.C. to Sage Francis this…

Lost In Crates VI

This month's mix is another volume of my Lost In The Crates series. Unlike previous volumes this one contains Funk tracks that lean towards R&B side. I, also included a…

Mix Mondays – On The Pace

Bobby Corridor is known for dropping little known joints form the past and this mix contains slews of many tracks you never heard or forgot about. I love the fact…