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Rise & Shine 5 – Grayskul

I have more volumes of my Rise & Shine series coming at you. In volume 5 I present to you the brilliant grimy sounds of Seattle Hip Hop’s Grayskul.

Santa Maria ft. Cloaked Condor & Tony Hill
The Descend
Crazy Talk ft Maker
Middle Earth
The Gift ft Reva Devito
Let’s Go Head & Go Do That ft Maker
Is It Me
Once Upon A Time
Cruel World
Say Say
The Last Lullaby
Deadlivers ft DJ Wicked
Action Figure Of Speech
Electric Gray
How To Load A Tech ft Cage
Till Death Do Us Part]
Adversarial Theatre Of Justice
Duece Duece ft Maker
The Knowitalls ft Xperience & DJ Spark
Meet Bobby & Billy